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Selection of hose end sealing method

   There are many options for the end sealing methods of hoses.

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As soon as you enter the cosmetics supermarket, you will see a variety of hose products. The first things that can attract consumers to buy are color, appearance, material, etc., but in fact, many small details will affect the appearance of the entire hose, such as the end sealing method of the hose. There are many options for end sealing methods.


Material classification of hose

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PE plastic pipe                      Aluminum plastic composite pipe           Aluminium tube

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Classification of tail sealing effect


How to realize more tail sealing methods

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Heat sealing tail in hose filling

① The chamfer, round corner, wave, arc and other special-shaped tail sealing can be realized by replacing the cutter device, heating components, jaw components, etc.

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Aluminum tube filling, folding and sealing

② By replacing the flanging device and other accessories, aluminum tube flanging and tail sealing can be realized, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes

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RGNF-70 hose filling and sealing machine is equipped with a fully automatic operation system to complete the whole process of pipe supply, label identification, filling, hot melting, sealing, coding, trimming and finished product production.

After upgrading, the direct connection filling head is used, which is more accurate and suitable for filling high viscosity materials.

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