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RGZHJ-70B Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

RGZHJ-70B automatic horizontal cartoning machine completes the whole process of tube feeding, carton feeding, manual feeding, tube pushing, coding, carton folding, defective kicking and finished products by the full-automatic operation system.

The conveyor belt has the function of protecting tubes if machine shuts down. When machine stops, tubes in the conveyor belt will be automatically transferred from the conveyor belt to temporary tube storage box; It can prevent paint falling or wear caused by long-time friction between tube and conveyor belt.

Tubes are grabbed onto the main conveyor belt, in order to make them more stable when they are arranged on the main conveyor belt. It can also effectively prevent tubes from deformation and damage.

Active carton opening is adopted in the carton feeding process, and multiple cams work together to make the whole process of carton suction, carton opening and carton feeding more stable and reliablewhich also effectively solves the problem of carton opening jamming when the carton is damp and deformed.

Product Dimension (L×W×H)

240x95x80 Maximum (mm)   65x30x25 Minimum (mm)

Manual Dimension (L×W)

200x50 Maximum (mm)   100x20 Minimum (mm)



Power Supply



2750×1500×2180mm (LxWxH)


1000 kg

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