Filling and Plugging Machine for Toothpaste
2019.3.26  /  Company

The machine is mainly developed for pump tube toothpaste.Automatic system controlled: Feeding containers, Filling,feeding plug , Plugging etc.Adopts mechanical cam type filling, which has high filling precision, stable and convenient filling adjustment.The filling station uses a servo moto, centrifugal rotation to reduces air retention and keep liquid level flat in pump tube during fillling.With multi-function detection function, it can realize that no pump tube  no flling and inserting plug, to achieve the case of no plug and inner plug pressured offset, the waste disposal process is performed.

Technical Parameter: 

Work speed:2700~3300  bottles/h

Filling volume :40--170g

Filling Accuracy:±1% 

Power Supply:3P 380V 50Hz 

Compressed Air:0.5-0.8Mpa




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