With more than a decade of experience in the packaging industry as well as rich full industry resources, we can provide you with packaging consulting services throughout the entire industry chain.

• Consulting on mechanical products from a single machine to production lines

• Process consultation covering different fields such as daily necessities, cosmetics, medical & pharmaceutical, food as well as technology consultation on raw materials, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, etc.

• Design consultation for packaging designs, industrial designs, etc.
Looking to upgrade your machine or extend the product range?

Before the investment, we can plan and evaluate your workshop to reduce unnecessary waste and ensure that the future project meets your expectations.
Incident Management & Troubleshooting

• Assisting you in capacity analysis to select suitable machines or production lines, to ensure that the equipment procurement is in line with your expectations

• Assisting you in workshop layout designs to reduce unnecessary plant occupancy and to optimize material turnover paths

• Assisting you to calculate the cost of raw materials, energy consumption, labor, as well as to precisely control the cost to achieve better profits and market competitiveness

Digital services that provide a digital basis for your decision-making and production management, whether it is in purchasing and planning or in manufacturing
Upgrades & Kits

• For the digital planning of key projects, the production line conditions are presented digitally, simulating the production takt and capacity

• Providing a digital interface required for existing ERP, MES and other internal software, or integrating the Kanban software provided by Rigao to make the production process clearly and transparent

• For the existing equipment, we offer digital retrofit and upgrade services

Stable and efficient operation of machinery and equipment often guarantees profit, Therefore, PackCare provides customers with full life cycle repair, maintenance, and upgrading services, to ensure that your production is carried out in an orderly manner, extending the life of the equipment and reducing the cost of use.

• Supporting by 24x7 hotline and on-site support, within the agreed time, we will solve the faults and issues you may encounter in the production process. PackRemote services are always available to you so that you can get help from engineers of Rigao to solve the problem remotely.

• Long-term supply of original parts and changeable parts can ensure long-term protection of your investment. Regular return visits made by PackCare will help you arrange spare parts plans to avoid unexpected downtime in advance.

• We offer a "size update" service that can help you adjust your equipment to meet the production needs of similar items with different sizes in the fastest way possible

• For your existing Rigao equipment, we offer mechanical and electrical upgrades to have them aligned with the latest production requirements and to extend their life cycle.

• Branches of Rigao around the world

• Download the repair form here

As qualified operators and technicians are the keys to the production in an orderly manner, PackGuide provides training services that enable your employees to master the service and maintenance know-how to ensure efficient and effective production.

• We provide operators with a basic operation training of the machine to ensure that they can operate the machine safely and efficiently, as well as able to judge basic problems to simple faults

• We provide more comprehensive technical training for maintenance personnel, so that technicians can carry out the mechanical and electrical maintenance of the machine and cooperate with the management department to carry out equipment management after receiving training.


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